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 mandy-2.jpg  S.A. Maples Biography



I was born in Birmingham, Alabama to a family brimming with writers, poets, musicians, cooks and visual artists. My family strongly encouraged my imagination and creativity as a child. I believe that my decision to become a full time artist was born from the freedom i recieved as a child to create uninhibitedly, and without critique or scorn. The people around me accepted whatever it was that i created, no matter how weird or how pedestrian my vision was. My freshman year in high school, my dad bought me plumbing supplies to make into jewelry. I rocked a necklace made from a bolo tie and a sink drain for a whole year. Some of my peers probably thought my necklace was a bit odd, but my dad liked it because I made it with my vision and my hands. What a lovely thing it is to be a creator, a maker. The thought, and love, and attention that goes into that thing you make compels it to become something magical and alive.


I honestly find inspiration in the strangest places. I can be completely enlightened by one chord played in a song. That chord will enchant me so hard that I can't stop thinking of it or humming it for days. Creating art helps me to take my strange little inspirations and channel them into something that is tangible and meaningful to me.


My art has changed so much over time. The toughest thing for me, as an artist, was learning to laser-focus on my style. The a-ha moment happened when it was suppose to happen - I couldn't force it. I had a lot of learning to do about myself before the universe would gift my with my style. My belief is, and always will be, that an artist should try to learn something new about themselves or their craft every time they pick up a tool to create. I hope my art tells a story; from where I started, through each phase, to where I am going. It has been quite a journey and I can’t wait to see what exciting things will happen next.


S.A. Maples has a working studio in the beautiful Warehouse District of historic Cullman, Alabama.



S.A's work can be found at the following:


SA Studio Gallery - Cullman, Alabama

Gallery 1930 - Mountain Brook, Alabama

Scene Gallery - Birmingham, Alabama

Newbill Collection Gallery - Seaside Florida